Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kittens and Needles

Emily and I go way back. When I was a shorty, she baby sat my good friend's little sister. During the time of sprouting pimples and hormones, she provided me with sanctuary, got me into the Pixies, and took me to some of my first parties. She's been a granite friend and an honorary sibling. She's seen me at my worst and a little better. She's encouraged me, guided me and checked me. We've seen each other through a handful of romantic failures.

A few months back I called her in one of my defeated and mood-swung I-can't-find-any-sort-of-purpose, my-twenty-something social-and-attempted-love-life-consists-primarily-of-utter-
isolation moments, knowing that she'd be willing and able to provide me with consolation. Given her penchant for relationships that involve the unbearably indecisive or fresh out of (and often still very hung up on) lengthy love affairs, and given my lofty standards and frequently unbreakable internalization, we determined there's a fairly good possibility that the two of us will end up condemned to old people's singledom. A pact was made. We agreed that if we're still both solo-flying by the time we reach sixty (assuming we're still alive) that we'd move in to a dilapidated house together, adopt somewhere between ten and forty cats, and take up mutual heroin habits.

Last night, when the New Year clock struck twelve, I was in the company of many adored hometown friends. After having spent the past four celebratory calendar turners miserable and working, I was having myself a grand old time, but when Emily witnessed her current fling making out some with girl-drink drunk floozy and I ended up with nothing more than brief hugs and pat-backers, I couldn't help thinking ahead to two thousand forty. The smell of burning spoons and kitty litter suddenly filled the night air. From across the cheering room I glanced at Emily and smiled. Meouch, the future's looking bright.


Blogger sassylime said...

Awwww, B. You've been incredible this past week and I feel lucky to have such a great sounding plan with such an awesome person.

12:43 PM  
Blogger I diverge said...

You write so well! I am impressed with how something so personal and a little normal, yah know two friends both single talking of being single, hanging out being single, asking why are we single, and yet not together, caught my attention. It happens fairly often I feel and yet the way you wrote it I thought I had never heard of something like it. The title almost made me tear a bit I'll admit after reading the paragraphs.

12:45 PM  
Blogger mike downey said...

welcome to blogworld brian, you've made a wise decision to jump in. i look forward to reading along. hope all is well with you. later!

3:23 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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